How to improve the compressive strength of clay sintered tiles?

- 2017-05-17-

Sintered ordinary brick in China has been the application of thousands of years of history, there is the ancient "Qin brick Han Wa," said that modern and after the founding of the clay, vacuum sintered brick is still one of China's major building materials, regardless of the city, Everything can be seen everywhere sintering ordinary brick building, its application surface is extremely extensive, with the passage of time, these sintered ordinary brick building detection will gradually be mentioned on the schedule, sintering ordinary brick as the main building materials of these buildings, accurate It is very important to estimate the compressive strength of clay sintered tiles.

With the increase of the pressure of the clay sintered brick, the density of the brick is improved. Only the density of the brick can be used to burn the high-strength sintered brick. It is proved that the brick pressure of the casting brick with the molding pressure of 2.2-2.3MPa is 13.9-15MPa, and forming pressure of 3MPa brick, burning brick compressive strength is easy to reach 20MPa. I produced the vacuum brick machine extrusion pressure, high production efficiency, is the first choice for brick equipment.

Tests show that the same raw materials, the same brick machine, the same temperature, cooling rate, sintering temperature are 900 ℃, clay vacuum sintered brick holding time is different, the sintered brick compressive strength is not the same, the appropriate holding time , To improve the compressive strength and quality of sintered brick is beneficial, the body of the internal combustion of the body is likely to completely burn, play a full play its full thermal effect.

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