What is the permeability of clay permeable bricks?

- 2017-05-17-

Tulcan permeable bricks have good water permeability, can quickly penetrate the rain to the ground, easy to cope with small to moderate rainfall, can reduce the amount of sewer load, effectively alleviate the city drainage system flood pressure, to prevent the city waterlogging, Has good water storage capacity, can prevent the groundwater depletion, so that the earth to restore the natural water storage capacity, while effectively regulating the local surface space temperature and humidity, can change the ecological environment, clean air, effectively alleviate the city heat island effect, ceramic tiles rough surface, Non-slip performance is very good, coupled with good water permeability so that the road without rain water, will not slip, enhance pedestrian safety and comfort.

Clay permeable brick is made by high-pressure high-temperature sintering, the compressive strength of water permeability are significantly higher than other materials produced by the permeable bricks, heat and cold resistance is extremely high, ceramic tiles have a strong resistance to weathering corrosion resistance, encountered Strong acid and alkali will not be susceptible to corrosion, ceramic tiles rich color, there are more than 10 kinds of colors to choose, can be laid out elegant style of the city road, ceramic permeable brick green, environmentally friendly, reusable, can reduce waste of resources.

Polymeric fiber concrete permeable bricks: made of granite stone aggregate, high strength cement and cement polymer enhancer, and blended with polypropylene fiber, feeding ratio tightly, after mixing by compression molding, clay permeable brick is mainly used for municipal, important Engineering and residential area of ​​the pedestrian trails, squares, parking lots and other places of the pavement, color stone composite concrete permeable brick: the material surface layer of natural colored granite, marble and modified epoxy resin gluing, and then the bottom of the polymer fiber porous concrete After the composite molding, this product is gorgeous surface, natural color, with the general texture of stone, and concrete composite, the strength is higher than the stone and the cost is slightly higher than the concrete permeable brick, and the price is stone tiles 1/2, is An economy, high - grade flooring products.

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