Export the specific use of clay brick

- 2017-05-17-

Export clay tiles on the site is the most used, then the following content for the workers is more useful for the new workers, we must understand how to use them well, the following we specific To understand how it is used.

With viscose mud and water by about 3.3: 1 (25kg / bag about 7.5 kg of water) stir evenly to the paste paste, static 10 minutes and then stir once can be put into use, with tooth-type scraper will export clay Mortar evenly applied to the work surface, clay brick about about 1m2 each time, and then the tile (no need to use water immersion brick wall) kneading pressure on the top can be, the back of the deep groove tiles or stone in addition to the surface of the mortar , But also in the back of the brick or stone mortar.

Between the brick and brick at least 1.5mm barrier, it is recommended to use PSN mold sealant joints, paving completed 24 hours before they can enter or fill. Generally speaking in half an hour after the dry So that we must be done, we use the export of clay tiles for clay tiles and cement mixing and time have a certain demand, and this point we should pay attention to, not in accordance with their own ideas how to think about what, Have a certain request.

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