How does the split wall brick be fired and separated?

- 2017-05-17-

The external wall split brick is made by firing, but to grasp the burning time when the important important, as well as the success of the separation of the pull is also the focus of the following points for everyone to note these two points: Two pieces of one, the back of the sub-structure of the shape, so the product of the body thick, the general thickness of between 25-30 mm. So should try to avoid the use of rapid firing process. It is now possible to use a continuous kiln to burn, or to use a shuttle kiln for firing a product. The mass production is preferably a tunnel kiln or a roller kiln furnace. can.

It is very necessary for cleaning and maintenance of external wall tiles in daily life, and it is necessary to clean the external wall tiles. Of the time, you can choose to use ceramic tile special maintenance agent for cleaning, and can be regularly to the tile waxing, which can effectively increase the gloss of the tile.

In the practice of split brick production, has a lot of professional characteristics, including professional production level is also in color, with a more diverse characteristics, suitable for modern fashion decoration needs, the pursuit of more high-end quality assurance, to the final So that production services in the production of practical purposes, but also meet the characteristics of modern times without the pursuit of needs. Exterior wall decoration role in many stores in the decoration of a lot of applications, and even has become a large and medium-sized facade decoration is also the most use of a product, this market changes and needs, but also guide the direction of external wall production.

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