Yixing external wall tiles should be how to maintain?

- 2017-05-17-

Now a lot of people in the decoration will choose Yixing external walls, we call this is outside the wall, Yixing outside the wall to choose the color is very much, in the selection of the time must choose the most suitable for their own color, different colors into People's eyes, can stimulate the cerebral cortex, people produce cold, hot, deep, shallow, bright, dark feeling, produce quiet, excited, nervous, relaxed emotional effect. The use of this emotional effect to adjust the "excitement", can reduce or eliminate occupational fatigue.

For example, you are engaged in high temperature furnace fire or open sun exposure work, good choice of residential color green or blue, so that your optic nerve from the "hot" feeling transition to "cold" vision. If you are working in a colorful dance hall or merchandise in a wide range of department stores, then your bedroom is neutral white is appropriate, can make your excitement quickly "condensate", the general miniature structure of the house to Monochrome is appropriate, the use of brighter colors, such as light yellow, milk yellow, to increase the sense of openness of the house, the use of residential color set off your furniture to the house or was simple and generous or solemn and elegant.

Yixing external wall of the daily cleaning can not wet, first with a broom or dust paper mop to clean the surface of the fine sand and gravel dust, adhere to the dirt on the brick surface, and then wipe with a clean cloth or mop and then wipe the water Dry brick surface (mop to be wring dry water), the use of protective agent to clean the external walls. Polished quartz brick in the production process will leave some fine afterburn stomata, the so-called pores, if contaminated to tea, coffee, soy sauce, ink and other color pollution, easy to penetrate into the brick body, to be dealt with immediately, So manufacturers in the factory will add a layer of protective agent, polished tiles on the surface if the residual protective agent, you can use talcum powder sprinkled on the brick surface, and then dry cotton cloth can be wiped back and forth to remove.

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